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Monette has been teaching acting, and coaching it for over 20 years. She is currently one of the acting lecturers at the New York Film Academy, (Gold Coast Movieworld Studios), and at The Australian Film and Television academy Gold Coast as well as her own students; ranging from children 6 years  to 17 yrs old plus adults. She has recently coached Courtney Hancock and Isabel Yamazaki as television presenters for projects for Beyond Television, and journalism graduate Scott Bidsmead for the travel show ‘Into Water and Beyond.’ She also was on set coach for a small boy for the feature film My Mistress shot on the Gold Coast in 2013.

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“What an inspiration & a privilege to have had you teach in our class. Thank-you.”

Josie               Tom McSweeneys Academy


“I just love learning from Monette. She is so practical, clear and in tune with my needs.”

 Karenza Stevens  Adult


RE On set coaching. “Monette is a true inspiration to watch on set. She brings a wealth of craft experience and tenderness. I would recommend her as an acting coach for adults and children, no matter what their experience level. She’s an asset to any director. “

Stephen Lance – Feature Film Director


“Your public speaking classes helped to get an A !. Thank you so much!”

Imogen Aged 16


“Reaching out to Monette in the lead up to a big presenting job was the best decision I made. She draws on a wealth of knowledge across television, film and stage acting to deliver tailor made coaching sessions. After each one, I have left with more capability and confidence. I would highly recommend Monette to seriously improve your performance and give you a step up in the industry.” 

Scott Bidmead 2014  Prior to filming : Into Water and Beyond for  Foxtel 2014


“Monette is a  very inspirational woman. As a teacher she is genuine and passionate, she gives her time generously and always has time to listen, help and encourage. As a director she is motivational and knows how to bring out the best from you as an actor. Monette is a dedicated professional in all aspects of her work and it shows consistently through any task she is involved with. I aspire to be as strong and powerful a presence in the industry as she is.”

Krystal Shuttleworth NYFA student 2014


“Monette gives 200% of herself when she teaches. My daughter has taken both private and group lessons with Monette for many years. She is that rare person who is not only a real working actress  with decades of experience but who is also great at teaching. I have watched her teach and seen how she does not attempt to press her own style on the student, but allows the student to develop his or her own unique “flavour.” She is also great with kids -  she has a child of her own which really gives her that ability to be patient and funny while passing on skills and knowledge. You can tell that she loves the craft of acting and loves teaching it. “

 Margaret Price (mother)


“Drama for Shanna has been the best activity for her. She had suffered deeply from the loss of her father. Attending Monettes drama classes has given her happiness, courage and a new meaning for life. Thank you sooooo much Monette”

Trish (mother)


“Thanks for creating a space where all the teenage participants can feel comfortable and courageous all at once!”

Trish David parent of TAFTA student


“I want to do drama with Monette forever!!”

Rylan Saunders Aged 6


“I would very much recommend Monette Lee to any actor/actress wanting to understand the craft of Acting. Monette is a pleasure to work with and continually learn from.  Placing quality and professionalism at the centre of all her work and delivering excellent results whether on camera, directing, writing and teaching — all mediums of the creative film and theatre industry. Monette’s natural ability to understand and engage an audience and students with superb energy, humour and awareness for others creates a wonderful atmosphere that lifts spirits. I have fond memories and continue to work with Monette to achieve positive outcomes and would, given a chance, not hesitate to team up with her again.” 

Joy Baines, Digital Media Producer.


“Monette’s passion and hard work really came across in every lesson she delivered. She wanted the best for all of us and pushed us to reach our full potential.”

Jake Cook  NYFA student 2014


“I have known Monette Lee as an actress and acting coach for well over a decade and I find her to be one of the best coaches for young actors I have come across.  Her ability to relate and communicate with young actors and bring out truthful and nuanced performances is what sets her apart from other teachers.  She is reliable, tenacious and dedicated to giving her students a solid foundation in the craft of acting.  I happily recommend her without reservation.”  

Tom McSweeney – McSweeney Newman Casting – Movieworld Studios



Monette has been a professional actress and voice over artist since 1981, as well as producing many projects,  so therefore has many varied skills to be able to pass on. She is a blue card holder, is insured for teaching and is a member of the QLD Speech and Drama Teachers Assoc. She is currently lecturing at the New York Film Academy on the Gold Coast as well as her own classes for TAFTA.



Brisbane and Gold Coast       Adults audition technique and Public Speaking from 2010 to today
Gold Coast                                 Childrens Speech & Drama classes from 2008 to today
Brisbane in 1998                     Drama and audition preparation workshops
Bristol, UK in 1991-4             Television presenting training for new recruits at HTV



Adults Acting Technique        New York Film and Television Academy 2014 onwards
Teenager Acting Classes        TAFTA Gold Coast 2013 & 2014
Adults Audition technique     Tom McSweeneys Studio Gold Coast 2011
Gold Coast                                  Childrens Drama classes in 3 age groups from 2008 to today
10-15 year olds                          Kirra Community Centre 2012 – 2014


The Australian Film and Television Academy Gold Coast – 1998 and 2014
13-17 year olds

The Actors Workshop 1997
Discussion classes about the business, audition technique and showreel preparation

Bidura Remand Centre – 1983-4
Drama and Craft classes with troubled teenagers

YMCA -1982
Adult evening classes in Sydney

Les Moore Community Centre 1982
After School workshops culminating in a performance

Bondi Pavilion 1981
Childrens’ holiday classes in theatre games, improvisation and masks

Rocks Players Theatre 1981
Childrens’ holiday programmes in mask making and performance


Telstra General Managers, Sydney 1995-97

Bristol University Heads of Department 1992-4 UK




MOBILE: 0414. 533 500    PO Box 511, West Burleigh QLD 4219