Purple Pear Productions is proud to report on the
World Premiere Season of 

Hundreds and hundreds of people saw it and they raved about it.

              “A must see!”                              “Uplifting, light and clever.”

“Fabulous Production.”                         “Thought provoking.”

“Poignant and powerful.”                      “All 3 actors were brilliant!”

Directed by Matilda Winner Michelle Miall

Featuring:  Daniel Murphy, Monette Lee  and Jason Bentley



October 2014

Helensvale Cultural Centre, Gold Coast

7.30pm, 16-18 October 2014

2.30pm Matinee, Saturday 18 October 2014

Brisbane Arts Theatre

7.30pm, 20–22 October 2014

Noosa Arts Theatre

7.30pm, 25 October 2014

2.30pm Matinee, Sunday 26 October

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Audiences loved it.

99% of feedback forms said they would recommend to friends and family!

97% of feedback forms said performances rated 8 – 10!!

98% of feedback forms said the production was extremely good or excellent!!

Reviewer Glenn T  said:
“This is a charming and insightful 3 hander….Ms Mialls direction is powerful and filled with subtle meaning … I always enjoy good performances, clever writing and a play that makes me think.”


For interest in this production please contact Monette Lee on

0414 533500 or E:  

New Australian play by Sheila Duncan: ‘Tabula Rasa’

Tabula Rasa was a great success at its rehearsed reading in May with 100% of audiences giving it 9 or 10 out of 10 for enjoyment with 100% of audience feedback forms saying they would recommend it to friends and want to see a full production. The script has gone back to the playwright for a new draft when she can fit it in her busy schedule,  and we aim to move on funding for a full production in 2014.

Before that,  focus is on pre-production and fund raising for ‘Shrinks’ a witty comedy by Award winning Australian playwright Timothy Daly; – who is this years recipient of the prestigious Keysing Award in Paris where his plays are being translated and performed in French. This work ‘Shrinks’ is his latest play and is a light hearted entertaining evening at the theatre. It will be produced by Purple Pear Productions and Monette Lee, Directed by the multi award winning director Michael Futcher and starring Hugh Parker, Monette Lee and Luke Townson. This production is anticipated to open as a world premiere at the Gold Coast Arts Centre in 2014 and go on to Brisbane for a short season. Send us an email if you’d like to go on our mailing list Click here.